My MakeOver Quest

Week one of my makeover quest. It’s not a simple thing, this makeover. I’m not looking to change the essence of who I am but to take my crazy quirks and make them better. But why? One might ask. I’m a 44 year old woman and am happy to have made it this far. My job as a delivery drive is a good living. The roof over my head doesn’t leak. My boyfriend spoils me rotten. What is to change, you ask? For most of my life I’ve coasted. In school I did what I was told and got good grades. However, I never got the degree. Sometimes that’s been a really good thing. I’ve learned to work. That learning has taken a long time in my life. One could say I learned to work in school but it was never because I was motivated by myself. I never became my own boss. I became a great follower. Tell me what to do and I will rise to average and call it good. Then I got a job driving school bus. That is challenging, y’all! The kids taught me how to grow a spine and stand up for myself. That may seem odd to say but fifty screaming children in a tin can will do that to a person. It was exactly what I needed at the time but it didn’t pay the bills. Now I’m a delivery driver. It’s paying the bills, but I want more now. Somewhere in the bus driving years I got hungry for a better life. Maybe it was being around all of those young people just starting their journey. Maybe it was enduring -22 degree Minnesota winters that made me long for warm beaches and unlimited sunshine. What I came to realize is that delivery driving is not going to get me to those beaches. And that is just fine! What if there was something better then an eight to five job? That is what I started praying. What would get me to those beaches if I wasn’t working in a six figure college degree field? So, for the first challenge of my makeover I decided to start my own business. There is a link to my Sunrise Shop if you’d like to check it out. Just know that I am not here to sell you. I’m just very excited to see where my Sunrise Shop can take me! I was fueling my delivery truck before Christmas last year. A gentleman came by and thanked me for delivering all of those Christmas presents and needed supplies in this covid year. Lets face it, covid changed the shopping habits of many people. Then he surprised me by asking some very intriguing questions: What was I doing to improve myself? Was delivery driving all I wanted? I could answer a positive yes to trying to improve myself. I was finishing my first semester back to school for Christian Apologetics. The class was engaging, I loved it. Delivery driving was not all I wanted, though. It’s hard to carry fifty pound packages on icy, snow packed driveways. The cold weather soaks into my bones to the point only a hot shower warms me up. The list of dissatisfaction is a bit longer but not worth getting in to here. Suffice it to say, I don’t want to be slipping on frozen dog pee on some stranger’s driveway when I’m 60 years old! Then he asked me to make a list of goals if money was no barrier. They are many and varied. A nice house on a lake immediately popped to mind. I like my Kia Soul but seriously, I’d love something heavier and better built. Working from home would be amazing! No more slipping on the ice or driving 200 plus miles a day. Then, my thoughts got more serious. What if I was able to make enough money that mine or my boyfriends parents would never have to go to a nursing home? What if I could help other people achieve their dreams? There have been so many people who have helped me out when I was down. I want to return the favor. So, this is my start. What are you doing to improve yourself? Let me know! Let’s rock this journey together. Hugs!