Learning to Speak with Intention

My new business is quite the learning curve. I don’t have a problem talking to people in the grocery line about the weather, or complimenting them on some personal item. But, how do I talk to them with intention? Purpose? I’ve been given a blessing to own my own business and work toward buying my own freedom from an 8 to 5 job. It’s something I want to share. This business doesn’t require a college degree, not even a high school degree. It simply requires the willingness to learn inter-relationship skills, hard work and a big dream which motivates it all.

I freeze. The conversation starts. We smile and talk about small, inane things. Silence and fear lurk in my heart to say anything about about being able to own your own time. If I work at this, I can work my way into “early retirement.” I wouldn’t be retiring from doing something productive. I’d be retiring from punching a time clock that makes someone else rich while I pray I get some overtime to cover the student loan that never seems to go away. Why wouldn’t I want someone else to come with me on that amazing journey!?

I believe this journey is going to be one of sharing love. Look at people with love. We all need help, need a friend to come walk beside us. It doesn’t have to be someone you know for years. It could be a brand new person you meet in the aisle of the grocery store. Being your own boss is a blessing. I’m going to share that blessing with other people. The future really has become so much brighter and I refuse to walk into it without new friends and family by my side.

God Bless! It’s time to see your dream go from fuzzy to sharp and bright because you can see it coming true!