Black Heads, Baggy Eyes and A Book

This past week has been so cold! I am very grateful the temp has risen to the 30’s. The air doesn’t freeze in my lungs when I breath. One other detriment of the cold is dry skin. My hands have been pretty well taken care of for the moment. But, oh boy, have I neglected my face! Due to a period of time where I wasn’t getting enough sleep I now have bags under my eyes. And, the black heads are budding. Yuck! The physical need to tackle both of these problems has finally come to a head. Pun intended.

I got some under eye hydrating lotion that is supposed to tackle the bags. And, I also got a clay face mask for the T zone. It’s time to go on the defensive. The goal is to become a habitual face-washer. Yep, you heard it here. I never got into the habit of washing, toning, and moisturizing my face every day. I seriously do try but then fade away. Maybe, someone who reads this will be my accountability partner! I am going to take before and after photos to show the difference. I’m so excited to see those awful black heads and bags under my eyes go!

On a more progressive note, I am chapter three of “How To Win Friends & Influence People.” It is quite the read. This book is a great reflection on how we treat each other. Are we tearing people down or are we building them up so that we can both build better relationships, do better at work, and positively affect other people’s lives? It’s convicting me of my behavior. I love the challenge to treat others with greater respect!

My encouragement this week is to take the small steps. Maybe it’s using that clay mask to help with black heads. Maybe your small step is to deliberately be nice to someone who is hard to like. True story moment! There is a man I know who will not talk to me, at all. Full stop! I see him on a pretty regular basis. He is my practice field. I find ways to talk to him from simply saying, “Good morning,” to, “I am praying you have a blessed day.” That last one is a touch of my southern roots coming out. Has this practice changed his tone with me? Absolutely not! However, it has changed me. He is someone for whom I pray. I do indeed pray he has a blessed day. It’s funny how God changes me first in these type of situations. My compassion for him has grown.

Hugs, to all of you! Enjoy the lovely pictures below, lol! And if you are interested what I am using, click on the connect button and let me know.